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Necombine is committed to donate 50% of your basket to Trail Runner Foundation!

Trail Runner Foundation federates all lovers of running, trailer, runner, hikers ... On their way, wastes on the ground, isolated and so visible ... Easy to turn the head, difficult to bend over and pick up this waste, possible to imagine a solution ... together it's easier !!! respect such a beautiful playground, especially by picking up trash on their way.


Trail Runner Foundation

  • La taille médium s’entend pour les poignets entre 15 et 18 cm. Femme et adolescent, poignet fin homme.
    La taille large s'etend pour les poignets supérieur à 18,5cm. Homme 
    La taille small s'entend pour des enfants et jeunes adolescents.

    Le Néoprène possede une élasticité naturelle.

    The medium size is for a standard wrist between 15 and 18 cm.
    The wide size is for wrists between 18.5cm and larger.
    The small size is meant for children and young teenagers.
    Please note that the Neoprene has a natural elasticity.

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