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Lanyard Neocombine custom

The accessory

Height: 3 cm

Lenght: 37 cm

Front: your logo or pattern 

Back: Néocombine signature "Handmade in France by surfers and designers from recycled wetsuits."

ink color: all, gradients, fluo and metal

neoprene color: majority black or blue (additional cost) 

Other colors available depending on the wetsuits collected.

To order

Send your logoin vector (ai or .pdf) by email.

A good quality .jpg is accepted.


A print simulation will be submitted to you

by email in pdf format and validated by a proof.

Néocombine helps you create the visual of the bracelet.

Minimum order 50 

The production

silkscreen printing  accessories are made in France in our workshop for quality guaranteed and regularity. Screen printing inks are solvent-free but with a hardener that makes them waterproof.

Color rendering: The raw material, neoprene, comes from used suits, hence the uniqueness of the colors and their variations depending on the wear of the material. We cannot therefore guarantee the uniformity of the colors or the thickness of the bracelets, but we do our best to do so.

Sewing  bracelets is handmade by us.

Delivery delay

One working week from the validation of the creation.

postage costs

are your responsibility.

signature neocombine
atelier SERIGRAPHIE bordeaux
Couture Porte-clef personnalisé
LANYARD Neocombine
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