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Surfers & friends driven by design and ecology will join forces to create Neocombine. The brand was born in October 2009 in Nord West french coast and will find refuge with 3 owners sympatiques successively in Guérande, La Baule (The Hangar of the Great Cutting) and Noirmoutier. It is by driving the Atlantic coast from North to South collecting used wetsuits that naturally Neocombine decides to gather its activities in the center, in Bordeaux.


After a double professional experience in advertising and the environment (water treatment by plant filters planted), it is while traveling and surfing that it raises the question of the fate of neoprene surfing suits. Follower of "our waste is our resources" she brings together some friends to imagine and make a simple and sport bracelet, unique in the world.

Love cooking, especially French
but also homemade lime and coriander tacos
and real nixtamalized flour. A sure value.


The Fine Arts have learned the strength of color and shapes and if you want to screen too. Claire introduced us all passionately to this artisanal impression. It was a victory of color on neoprene black!

BBQ mussels or marinieres all summer.
Possibility of good Thai dishes in winter
sandwich clubs if we insist on the morning

PHILIPPE KOZMA / sellier, companion of France, passionate about boats & vintage cars. With its expertise and patience, we have developed together the manufacture

of this unique bracelet.

His Norman sauce half ante / half cream
on mussels!

THERESE MEAILLE/ founder of Izy admin

It is thanks to her administrative expertise, loyalty, and humor that Neocombine made his debut. Our complicity, is the start of Neocombine.

Do not cook to our knowledge


For her sense of organization and development of the company.

Expert in shorts and cocktails.
Do not cook

JESSY / Surfeuse

For her Cartesian spirit during the Great Cutting of the shed, her iron will and her beautiful person.
It's complicated in a shed?
but everything is possible right?


L'equipe Neocombine
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